Thursday, May 1, 2008


One of the first things that we do when we land in a new country, is head for the local supermarket! We just love discovering strange new fruit and vegetables that we have never seen before.
Needless to say Thailand and Singapore had an abundance of weird and wonderful produce to try. I have to admit I am starting to miss having the fridge full of (cheap) exotic tropical fruit, especially 'Pomelos' they were my favorite. They are huge things, about the size of a basket ball and taste like a very sweet grapefruit. They are exceptionally hard to peel but well worth the effort.
The one that none of us miss is the dreaded 'Durian' This hideous fruit is so popular out in the East, I have to confess to never actually daring to try it, but if you smelt it you'd know why. The stench from them is stomach churning and totally overpowering.

The only thing that we have discovered here in New Zealand that I've never seen before are these things on the left. They are called 'Feijoas' they are quite popular here as a lot of people grow them in their gardens. Poppy went to her friends house the other day and came home with a bag full, so I took a picture of them! The kids love them but I am not too keen, they are very, very sweet with quite an artificial taste, not unlike Passion fruit.
Everything else here is similar to what is available in the UK except it is so unbelievably fresh.
So with no new fruit and vegetables to try, we are working our way through the local wines instead!

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